Birkenstock vs Crocs: Battle Of The Best

Birkenstock vs Crocs: Battle Of The Best

Now, we love a good Croc, and we love a good Birkenstock – but what happens if we were to compare? Well, at first, this felt like trying to choose between your children or having to pick only one flavour of ice cream to eat for the rest of our lives. But compare, we must. 

Crocs and Birkenstock serve similar purposes but are also miles apart in some forms of functionality and, let’s face it, totally different in style. 

They both offer comfortable clogs and sandals, but which is the best? Or, should we say, which is better for specific activities? This is why we’ve put together this comparison guide. We dissect each brand and its footwear, which should ultimately help you choose which pair of shoes you need for different purposes. 

Durability: Which shoe is stronger? 

Both brands pride themselves on their durability. But which is ‘stronger’? Honestly, the durability and lifespan of your clogs or sandals will depend on the activities you get stuck into while wearing them.

Crocs are made from a unique material called Croslite™, a closed-cell resin that is lightweight, comfortable, and water-resistant. If you’re always in the garden, love the beach, or generally love being around or near water – go for a Croc, or the Birkenstock that doesn’t have a cork sole.

Although not all Birkenstock footwear is waterproof, they are very strong. Birkenstock creates footwear with high-quality materials. High-quality leather or synthetic materials are used for the shoe's upper section to ensure a long lifespan. The footbed is created from a special cork and latex mixture that offers outstanding support and cushioning. Ideal for summer days and wearing around the house. 

Overall durability result? We have two robust options for sandals or clogs. Crocs are better around water, and Birkenstock are better for drier conditions.

Comfort: Birkenstock

The moulded footbed of Birkenstock shoes is one of its distinguishing and most comfortable qualities. The footbed is made to resemble the form of a healthy foot and to distribute weight evenly while offering the best support. 

This anatomical design encourages optimal alignment and eases pressure on the feet. As for the Birkenstock cork and latex soles, these materials absorb shock and actually mould to the shape of the foot that’s wearing them. So, they’re essentially built for comfort.

Comfort: Crocs 

Crocs are quite roomy and allow your toes to move freely, which is definitely a factor to consider when looking for a comfortable shoe. The slip-on style and adjustable straps also contribute to their comfort by providing a secure fit and adding to their comfort. 

If we’re totally honest, the differences between Crocs and Birkenstock comfort levels are minuscule. And, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. 

Vegan and sustainable options

If you’re vegan, or like to do your bit to lessen the use of non-vegan products, you’ll want to know if there’s any vegan Crocs or Birkenstocks available. And the answer is, yes. Both Birkenstock and Croc offer a vegan collection for their footwear. 

Vegan and sustainable practices in the production of footwear is on the up, and we love to see it. If you fancy taking a look, check out our Sustainable Footwear for Men and Sustainable Footwear for Women

Crocs by occasion

If we were to compare Birkenstock and Croc by which occasions they’re suitable for, Crocs have got to be on the more laid-back, casual attire side. 

We love a classic Croc for gardening days, doing a spot of cleaning around the house, or even a walk to the park. And like we’ve already mentioned, they’re perfect for a day at the beach. 

Pair them with jeans, shorts, or a casual summer dress for a laid-back and comfortable look. Think casual days and relaxed footwear, that’s when Crocs are your best friends. 

Birkenstock by occasion

Now, Birkenstock has a little more of a polished appearance. They’re more suited for smart casual affairs. You can wear Birkenstock footwear to the office, into town for a few drinks, or to even smarter occasions depending on the silhouette. 

The Birkenstock collection is vast, so you’re likely to find a pair ideal for most occasions. For more smart casual days, we’d recommend going for a silhouette like the Birkenstock Boston Slipper. Don’t let the name slipper fool you. The closed toe lends itself to a slightly smarter look. 

Layer a linen shirt on linen trousers with the Boston clog or casual jeans and an oversized jumper with the ever-popular Arizona sandal for an ultra-cosy look. 

The verdict 

What can we say? We love’em both. But it’s pretty clear we love them for different reasons. 

Crocs, a family favourite. Perfect for wet adventures and the best casual attire. 

Birkenstock, a smart casual delight that’ll never go out of style. 

Honestly, we think you should get both and utilise them for all their best features. But maybe we’re a little biased. We do love a good shoe.

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