Secure Your University Shoes

Secure Your University Shoes

Your choice in University footwear can make or break your Uni experience, which is why it's important to bag a pair for each occasion. Let's be honest, you're not rocking the same pair to class as a night out, and you're certainly not taking your gym pair out on a date. So, let's take a look at the playing field and breakdown what you should be looking for in each situation that you may find yourselves in.

Of course, you don't have to listen to our every word - but, we do recommend having at least one read. After all, you go to University to read, don't you?

Guide To Shoes For University

Here's what you should be looking for when picking shoes for Uni. Let's go! 

Shoes For Everyday

A shoe for the everyday should take you from your halls to University, from University to the pub for that post-lecture pint, and then all the way home. They should be comfortable, stand the test of time and most importantly look good! You can't be turning up to lecture in something dusty, we wouldn't do that to you. Mesh is great, but what if it rains? 

This is a recipe for success - breathable though durable, soft-soled though able to put in the miles under foot, ready to wear straight out of the box and keep you on-trend. We'd recommend the ASICS GEL-NYC, the Japanese brand's most recent journey to stardom.

Shoes For Freshers (And Nights Out!)

You need to impress. We can't beat around the bush here. In an ideal world, you'd be looking for comfort (as always) with a formal twist. Now, it's likely that you already know where we're going with this one.

We'd have to recommend a black shoe. To keep it brief, you can't be rejected from a club or formal event for wearing a black shoe. Though, it is always good to keep your options open - just, not today. Everyone, this is the Clarks Originals Wallabee.

Shoes For The Gym

A tricky one, because you could opt for different pairs based on your training! A flat sole for squats or a rolling sole for the treadmill - however, something right in between would work wonders. 

Here, a dose of medial and bridge support would not go amiss; cushioning at the heel, that's one to remember, too. Fortunately, we have the perfect pair here at TOWER, and it's another pair of ASICS - most specifically, the ASICS Gel-1130 with retro metallic vibes. 

Shoes For A Date

You've been hitting the gym in your ASICS, you're top of the class in those - oh, ASICS again - and you've managed to secure a date at the bar in your Clarks Originals Wallabees. Now, you've got to really impress. Hmm...

In the formal footwear world right now, you'd be hard-pushed not to find the appeal of a loafer. They're easy to integrate into almost any outfit, comfortable and look superb; especially in Dr. Martens crazy horse leather. There's the hint. Our recommendation for a date is the Dr. Martens Adrian Loafer


Shoes For Halls

'Shoes' may be a rather general term here, because you don't want to be wearing shoes around the kitchen, from dorm to dorm and anywhere in between. They're not on your feet to look good, they're there to keep your toes safe and make the journey from A-to-B a little bit cosier.

And for that reason, lets side for a set of slides. Lightweight is an essential, just for lounging around. Perhaps Birkenstock's EVA Arizona - they're waterproof, clean cut and undeniably iconic. Who doesn't have a pair, tell us that? Go on then, we're spotlight this specific pair of EVA Arizona from Birkenstock.

Hopefully this blog helps your search for the perfect University footwear - because, we've written it with you in mind. If you're hoping for something a little more, precise? Take a look at the blogs below.

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