The History of Footwear Brand Kickers

The History of Footwear Brand Kickers

Unsurprisingly, as it was founded, Kickers is not the brand we know and love today. However, it wasn't hugely different. In a way they never changed - the drive still underlines a craving for togetherness and an undying love for everything that can improve the community, period. Kickers is a brand that wants us to help us support one another and move forward as a society, not as individuals. 

In the modern day, Kickers is a brand that stands for the collective, a brand that represents the minority and majority through high-quality footwear alone. Kickers is a footwear brand that goes far beyond the soles of your feet; they aim to unite people through unaltered heritage, venturing past the tip of the ice berg in hope of pulling everyone together - or should we say, asking them to ‘tighten their laces’.

What does 'tightening your laces' mean to you? Would it be fighting against the grain or abiding by societal norms? Perhaps getting the ball rolling on something you've been dreading? At Kickers, it's all about giving life a go. Simply-put. But, there's more to it than that.

When the going gets tough, Kickers use all 50 years of experience to get going. But, what sculpted them into the brand we see today? Join us as we dive into the history of Kickers. 

The History of Kickers

Kick-starting (pardon the pun) life at the peak of French fashion, Daniel Raufast founded Kickers as a small idea inspired by the advertisement of ‘Hair’ - a musical in which every main character wore jeans without shoes. Yes, barefoot, a distinct lack of shoes beneath a whole lot of denim. But, why?  

As a result, Raufast stepped away to developed a fresh shoe concept that he believed would become a staple for those pioneering our ‘blue-jean’ generation as Kickers so deftly put it - enlisting Jacques Chevallereau to design said shoe even further. 

Stepping away from Raufast’s preliminary design, Chevallereau’s design would take form as a short boot clad in nubuck, sat atop a hardwearing crepe sole; quite literally cornering the masses with denim references aplenty. In fact, the fresh design was such a hit that production grew from 300 pairs to over 12,000 within one season, gaining popularity in France before Germany and another 68 countries by 1974. Now for a silhouette spotlights to get your appetite going - you know the Kick Hi, right? 

Our favourite Kickers style

In 1975, we saw Kickers’ Kick Hi for the first time - a boot worn by the likes of Elton John, Bowie, Daltrey and other ‘70s rock legends.  

As popularity grew in the '80s, stores began experiencing queues from 10pm until opening time, only for pairs to sell-out in a matter of hours. 

You can explore the story even further today, by visiting this link to another one of our blogs. 

From day one, Kickers have worked closely with committed charities and deep-rooted partners to help sculpt a world that is pushing for better; a world that opens doors for families and children via elevated education on topics affecting modern communities. Just because they were born in the past, doesn’t mean they stayed there. 

Kickers aren’t going anywhere, that’s why they’re on your feet. It's also why you can grab them from TOWER by clicking here today.

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