TOWER Family: Arlo hits Brick Lane!

TOWER Family: Arlo hits Brick Lane!
From Boston to Brick Lane, Timberland has taken over TOWER’s Shoreditch shopfront with help from a certain Arlo Parks and Timberland's reworked Cortina capsule.

They say... you either have it or you don’t. That boldness is for the fearless, for the tough. That it’s all fist fights and fast cars.

Way down in the dirt.

At TOWER, we agree with our family at Timberland - we believe bold can be bigger and broader. Bold means to be built different.

This is a celebration of the risk-takers, those who put their heart into their craft no matter the odds - because, bold isn’t only the victories, it happens when we make friends with failure.

Join your TOWER crew as we help Boston’s boot company celebrate everything that makes today’s youth a force to be reckoned with.

The next step is yours; will the classically reworked Cortina 6” be your footwear of choice, or the Cortina Valley Chelsea boot for day-to-day wear?

When they say bold is just for a few, we say bold is there in everyone - waiting to burst out. But, what does bold mean to you?

Have you caught the campaign for yourself? Head in-store to catch-up with your TOWER family, hang out and shop the collection here.