TOWER Family: Back2Uni - What should I wear for day one?

TOWER Family: Back2Uni - What should I wear for day one?
Heading back to University is a young adult's version of hitting year 5; however, with less SATS and more exams! Plus, we know how important it is for students to save every penny - which is why we've pulled together a selection of pairs that offer the best value for your buck. Sandals or trainers? Take your pick of the styles below - perhaps you'll even find a pair to take home. Let's head Back to University!


Keeping the casual as casual as possible, TOWER knows how important it is to have a pair that can be thrown on at a moments notice. Pub? Park? ...Pub? Fortunately, sandals tick all the right boxes; here are three big hitters that our HQ is strapping up or slipping into this season. There are some incredible pairs to choose from, so don't say we didn't warn you!

1. Barbour Hillman

Straptastic to say the least, Barbour's Hillman sandal adopts a classic, proven silhouette that holds a lot more secrets than meet the eye.

We understand that these would probably not be considered as your 'go-to' bar crawlers, but once on-foot the Hillman do exactly as they say on the tin; comfort, a drive from A-to-B with no drawbacks. This begs the question, what colour socks?

2. Barbour Amelda

This summer, Barbour combines their sharp-tooth outsole with a flatform espadrille midsole to ensure that your outfit doesn’t miss a step! Remember, heat shouldn’t compromise on style, even on the way to class.

3. Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Welcome one of Birkenstock's most regularly used though least spoken about materials - ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA for short! Have you ever found that your cosy cork footbed absorbs every drop of water that it touches? Let us solve that very qualm with EVA, a plastic softer and lighter than rubber without losing any cushioning properties; making them hygienic, odourless *almost* indestructible!


Sandals are great - we hear you saying 'I know', and at this point TOWER apologises for stating the obvious - but, we note with great sorrow that they can't be work every-single-day. On occasion, those toes of yours require covering and city street must be explored; so, here's a trainer shortlist plucked from the forefront of our HQ's bright-minds.

We've got a pair for the chunky-sole lovers, a sleek runner and even those ready to take off in search of space exploration. We told you once and we'll tell you again - there are some incredible pairs on the cards, so don't say we didn't warn you!

1. VANS Old Skool

New school styling with Old Skool footwear, VANS’ vulcanised soles are a perfect example of timeless design. Launched as VANS first skate shoe to feature leather panels, the Old Skool evolved into a canvas for founder, Paul Van Doren’s ‘jazz stripe’ - a doodle that later became the brand’s logo earmark.

2. Buffalo London 2.0

Add a bit of boldness to your step with the iconic Buffalo. Crafted using vegan non-leather up top and memory foam insoles below, this pair is rounded off with a chunky outsole to complete that recognisable Buffalo London stance.

3. Lacoste L-Spin Deluxe 0722

Lacoste combines modern detailing and a vintage style with the perfect blend of leather and suede panels.

Relax this weekend, the L-Spin Deluxe 0722 has you sorted.