TOWER Family: Taking a journey up Flower MOUNTAIN

TOWER Family: Taking a journey up Flower MOUNTAIN

Introducing Flower MOUNTAIN, the perfect brand for traipsing around London’s cobbled back-alleys in search of inspiration, heritage and endless stories at our Capital’s heart.

Founded by Yang Chao and Keisuke Ota in 2015, the Flower MOUNTAIN team combines elements of a shared passion for trekking, music and footwear into every last panel; meaning, their updated Yamano 3 silhouette blends a natural cork insoles and ultra lightweight rubber effortlessly with technical construction.

The Breath Design team touched base with ShoesBar and Italian company, Falc S.p.A, in 2016 - driving Flower MOUNTAIN to all-new heights by conquering international markets. This trio may throw their names into the hat for consideration when bidding for the modern footwear industry's most progressive technical and production know-how, combining Azzuri tradition with global distribution thereafter.

Running with the idea that “shoes are small works of architecture”, Flower MOUNTAIN (FM) is the result of Ota and Chao’s drive towards wearable artwork that combines intricate designs with the world around us.

Now for a dose of information on both Yang Chao and Keisuke Ota, the masterminds behind technically brilliant everyday footwear. As told by FM themselves, Chao currently lives in Beijing and takes his seat as one of China's most famous designers, leading teams from well-respected Chinese companies to international companies on a design front. Ota, however, kick-started a career in 2001 by embarking on his own, self-taught footwear design venture - once again, supporting brands as they curated collections on an international scale. Together, the pair launched their first footwear line under the Breath Design tagline in 2015 - twelve months after aligning two vital skillsets.

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