Your Favourite Footwear for Festival Season

Your Favourite Footwear for Festival Season

Good news... festival season is right around the corner! Which can only mean one thing... festi-footwear. Here at TOWER, we're all for the most comfortable, waterproof and downright perfect pairs for day-long wear.

Here are our festival selects, we hope you enjoy!

The Best Festival Footwear

Are you looking for sandals, heavy boots or something to take you from one campsite to another? Regardless, you'll find the perfect pair below. Above all else, there are a number of rules you should follow when picking out the ideal pair. 

1. COMFORT! Your footwear choice should - rather must - be comfortable. You'll be wearing them from dawn until dusk, don't be silly.

2. Ah. Yeah. Our bad, just one rule.

Here we have one welly, one sandal and a trainer for your viewing pleasure. Because, why not?

Palladium Revolt Sandal

By combining a comfortable hook-and-loop strap upper with their undeniably iconic Revolt platform, Palladium have created your sandal for summer ’23. Utilitarian design has never looked so clean.

Water isn't ruining these, we can promise you that. Get stomping, people!

New Balance 327 Navy

We always refer back to designer Charlotte Lee when eyeing up the New Balance 327 - it's just a habit. diving heel from tongue, you’re able to find elements of four archival silhouettes throughout the 327 at differing points of the design process - layering previously seen panel templates over one another to give an impression of recognisable newness. 

They may not be best for your wet-weather festivals, but they sure do look superb. The sole is made of clouds, we heard.

Hunter Chelsea Boot

Introducing the Hunter Play. With a neoprene liner and durable outsoles, this is only Chelsea-styled welly you’ll be needing for festival season.

They're low-cut, too - that gives a lot more movement over your standard wellington boots. Plus, neoprene is a winner, whatever the weather!

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